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Welcome to Health Range!

At Health Range we only select the highest quality products that we would be happy to or have used ourselves.

Our mission is to source the best quality health products that can suit everyone's budget and needs.

Health Equipment

Equipment that can be used in the home that will help you lead a healther lifestyle. Browse Grain Mills & Flakers and also our range of Sprouters.


Wear Jewellery that not only looks great, but also has health benefits. Why not take a look at our Jewellery that combines elegance and fashion with the health benefits of magnetic therapy.

We have a range of stylish Magnetic Bangles and Magnetic Bracelets.

Natural Supplements

At Health Range we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we sell. We endeavour to sell products that are as natural as possible. Currently we have a range of Natural Vitamins and Natural Minerals. This range is only going to get bigger!

Pain Relief

Have you got an injury or a lasting problem that you can't get rid of?

Then take a look at our innovative product range that could help you live life with less pain! Take a look at our Body Supports from Thermedic that incorporate heat therapy and cold therapy into one affordable support.