E Cigarette Reviews – What Smokers Are Saying About Electronic Cigarettes

If you plan on smoking electronic cigarettes, you should read e cigarette reviews just to help you have make a decision as to whether it really is better. We’re not going to give you a one-man review here, rather what we’ve done is to gather reviews on the Internet and have summarized them here. So what are the people saying about e-cigarettes?

Cheaper than regular cigarettes

This is probably what makes e-cigarettes more loved. Most smokers report spending on average $200 per month on cigarettes that, literally, just go up in smoke.

With electronic cigarettes, however, your largest cost could be the starter kit, nevertheless it won’t even set you back $200 – paying that much for a starter kit is too expensive as most decent kits cost only between $60 to $80. The ones that cost between $10 to $50 are considered to be a waste of time and money by smokers.

In case you didn’t know it yet, a starter kit consists of the e-cog stick, cartridge or cartridges, and battery charger.

* Control over nicotine
But besides their low-cost selling price, e-cigarette smokers like the fact that they can actually control how how much nicotine they ingest since cartridges are made in different nicotine strengths – light, moderate and robust. You can increase or lower your nicotine just by choosing the correct cartridge.

Hookah flavors

Apart from versatile nicotine degrees, e-cigs are special in that you can actually smoke different flavors, which makes them less cigarettes and more hookah. Most e-cig smokers go beyond the regular tobacco and menthol flavors and go for the more exotic fruit flavors as well as cinnamon and vanilla.

Those are in sum, the general reviews of electronic cigarettes. If you’re going to smoke these devices because you think they are “healthier” than regular tobacco smokes, you should know that there could be some health risks in smoking liquid nicotine, but there are no studies yet that confirm how smoking vaporized pure nicotine can impact your well being. For sure, however, tar isn’t an issue when you smoke e-cogs.

Having said that, you should also smoke e-cigs in moderation, especially if your cartridge contains nicotine.
Electronic cigarettes have certainly come a long way from when they initially started in Chinese suppliers. Though they were thought to be substance-delivery (read: drug delivery) devices, various nations worldwide are making sure that that isn’t happening by manufacturing e-cigs on their own.

If you would like try e-cigarettes, be sure to compare prices with no less than three sites before buying. As we said before, $10 starter kits are a waste of time. Why? Because they normally just last a day or two and you would need to buy another $10-kit again to smoke again. Better to buy a start kit that costs some money in the beginning because you will only need to spend $60 to $70 in replacement cartridges per month, but that really depends on how heavy you smoke.

If you want to know about which brands to buy, perform some research concerning which brand names are preferred among people who smoke. You can’t fail that way.

Since this is a general review, you should check the Internet out for more specific reviews on e-cigarettes. If you take the time, you will definitely learn a thing or two from current users. Again, and we can’t stress this enough, there are still no studies that prove definitely how smoking pure nicotine affects the body. So, play it safe and smoke use cartridges that have a small amount of nicotine in them.

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