Electronic Cigarette: What Benefits Do They Have?

Electronic cigarettes have changed the way people smoke today. Thanks to the electronic device, carbon emissions and secondary smoking has declined remarkably. An e-cig is an electronic device containing pure nicotine extracts in a cartridge and a cartomizer. The device works by vaporizing nicotine in the cartridge, which is delivered into ones lungs through the mouth on taking a puff (vaping).

Some of the benefits of using e-cigarettes include:

1. Healthier smoking option: Unlike traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes, an e cigarette produce no tar, carbon monoxide nor does it promote secondary smoking. Only nicotine is produced and availed to lungs for maximum satisfaction. This reduces chances of lung tissue decay and degeneration from tar and other toxic gases from traditional smoke. Smokers who use e-cigs have minimal chances of contracting lung cancer when compared to traditional cigarette users.

2. It is an economical option: An electronic cigarette provides the same level of satisfaction as three packs of traditional cigarettes would. An e-cig for this matter costs 80% less than one packet of the tobacco rolled cigarette packs. This means an electronic cigarette user saves more than 80% of his money on smoking alone. With high level of smoking satisfaction, even chain smokers can have a break from holding a cigarette stick, and even save more in cash.

3. Reduced health insurance rates: Health insurance providers consider cigarette smokers high-risk customers. This makes them charge high premium rates on smokers. This is however not the case with e-cig users. Electronic cigarettes are known to reduce the risk of contracting cancer and other respiratory infections. This factor has been a big bonus to cigarette smokers. As long as you use this device, the insurance company will be obligated to lower your health insurance premium rates.

4. Environmental benefits: The environmental benefits of using electronic cigarettes are immense. For instance, e-cigs do not emit any harmful gases to the environment. The only by-product here is water vapor a compound that promotes development of rain clouds. Ash and cigarette filters from each cigarette stick are no more when using electronic cigarettes. This has also reduced the amount of litter in the streets of the United Kingdom remarkably.

5. No Smokey odor: Tobacco smokers have a distinctive smoky smell. This odor gets stronger as one continues to smoke tobacco, and is irritating to non-smokers. E-cigs smokers on the other hand do not get this stinky odor. This is because it is clean and produces no smoke at all. E-cigs come with different flavors, all which one can sample for an improved smoking sensation. Cinnamon and menthol flavors help improve one’s breathe, meaning the tobacco stench is no more.

Although tobacco smokers have been banned from smoking in public, e-cigs remain uncontrolled. An electronic cigarette user can use his/her device however, and whenever he/she wants, and doesn’t have to worry about smoking zones. This gives you a chance to enjoy each puff comfortably, for as long the people around you do not mind. If you still smoke tobacco to this day, you are then missing out big, and even endangering your body. Switch to e-cigs today.

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